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Welcome to Ludoztli
LUDOZTLI ( lou • dos • tlee ) means making games. The attempt of ludoztli is to use board games as:
active art - social commentary - group interaction - a means of expression - social re-constructors

Manifesto >>

This movement that I have called ludoztli (making games) exhorts the artist to stop making non interactive art, and break the wall between the art object and the passive viewer.

The Games >>

Learn about the three board games I created based on the political frontier between México and the United States. With them, I attempt to promote discourse and interest among players about the reality of the border.

Additional Stuff >>

Check material by other artists and designers that make use of games to promote their social concerns and perspectives

About Pako >>

My name is Francisco Ortega-Grimaldo, a Doctor in Critical Studies and Artistic Practices. I work as an Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University’s School of Art. © 2006/2009 — contact info:


Updated: August 17, 2009